1.    Performance Analysis of HF Radio Links

·         To develop software for tracing rays through an anisotropic medium whose index of refraction varies continuously in three dimensions, to evaluate the capabilities of communication systems utilizing electromagnetic waves which interact with the ionosphere. (Three-dimensional ray tracing computer program)

·         The software shall be developed in the Octave environment

·         The refractive index may by determined by either the Appleton-Hartree or the Sen-Wyller formula,

·         A simple empirical model (Chapman function) and a complex physical model (Schunk and Sojka model) may be used to compare the representation of ionospheric conditions.

·         Case study: links between some towns in Sudan.

2.   Traffic characterization and performance evaluation of video conference System

·         To model the H.323 traffic in multipoint videoconference sessions over IP Networks (LANs and/or WANs).

·         The study includes analysis of data to be gathered during realistic videoconference sessions between University terminal clients, with Huawei videoconference software packages installed.

·         All terminal clients were communicating through a Multipoint Control Unit (software or hardware MCU) at ‘switched presence’ mode and for comparative purposes the same typical videoconference content (a person speaking, with mild movement and occasional zoom/span) was used.

3.   University of Khartoum ICT Resources Disaster Recovery Strategy

·         To develop a framework for disaster recovery (also called business continuity planning or BCP) in general.

·         To develop a disaster recovery strategy for University of Khartoum ICT resources that includes:

§   Disaster recovery planning (backup planning and restore processes)

§   Disaster recovery tools

§   Documentation

·         To implement the developed disaster recovery strategy

4.   Electromagnetic Field Simulator

·         To develop 3D full-wave electromagnetic field simulation on octave. The simulator shall

·         Provide E- and H-fields, currents, S-parameter.

·         To design some microwave components passive components.

5.   Security system using IP Camera

·         To capture video images form a number of IP cameras and transfer them into a centralized computer system.

·         To store the compressed videos format in computer in order to be used for checking security issues.

·         To reduce the frame rate of the video to about 1 frame per second and then store it in the HDD.

·         All cameras will be connected to video conference MCU unit

6.   Remote Control of Electrical Power Supply

·         To implement an electronic circuit based on a microcontroller for electrical power supply saving and control.

·         The circuit shall be remotely managed over IP networks (wired or wireless)

·         Each equipment connected to the circuit can be automatically turn on and off; user can also configure time limit for the power supply for desired equipment.

7. Traffic characterization and performance evaluation of web site

·         To determine the traffic of some web sites (local and international)

·         To determine web site performance in terms size, page size, quality, etc.

·         To develop a webometrics measure to determine the quality of the different website

·         To relate the site traffic to the quality of contents

·         Case study: Sudanese web sites.

8. Design and development of SMS System

·         To design and develop an SMS system for the University of Khartoum

·         User  can manage their account and send messages using the University network

·         The system shall include bilkling and intelligent system

·         The System is connected to Public Mobile tep[hone network by using GSP modem.