keen to introduce Multi Disciplinary (MDT)  approach in Sub Saharan Africa, train epilepsy specialist nurses in Sudan in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health in Sudan and City Hospitals Sunderland- NHS Foundation Trust and The Tropical Health & Education Trust (THET). I participated in WCN in Marrakesh and First African Epilepsy Congress of the ILAE addressing these issue- pls see conferences above.


Research particularly Multiple Sclerosis, Neuromyelitis optica, ADEM and other demyelinising disorders in Sub Saharan Africa. I’m interested to explore their epidemiology and clinical patterns and associations in Africa.

Completed 2 projects:

1-      Possible role of anti glycoprotein antibodies as suspected independent factor for acute ischaemic stroke in Sudanese patients

2-      Study on Anti Aquaporin 4 antibodies in Sudanese patients with Neuromyelitis Optica- a comparative study

Several planned project awaiting for funding and suitable students

Postgraduate Training

SMSB ( Sudan Medical Specilizations Board):

On top of my commitments in teaching undergraduate medical students, I look forward to more  contribution to an MD in Clinical Neurology  and support the existing  Clinical MD in immunology in Sudan Medical Specialization Board (SMSB). I’m a member of the steering committees for both boards


I’m currently the Lead Examiner and Chair of the Organizing Committee for MRCP exams in Sudan .

This includes Pat 1,written Part 2 and PACES organization in the country. I strive to consolidate this activity and introduce Speciality Certificates Exam in Sudan. I will work with my colleagues toward making our new PACES exam centre at Soba University Hospital an Internationally renounced one and attract candidates from the surrounding African and Arab countries to take this exam in Sudan rather than the long journey to the UK. We feel this will contribute positively towards higher and better levels of patients care across the region.


Promotion of Neurosciences

Planning start  a students’ neurosciences club to promote the subject among young Sudanese generations to attract them to this speciality and educate the community about the diseases related to this speciality.


Looking seriously toward the  use telemedicine techniques in clinical services in neurosciences as well as for medical and allied sciences distance learning in Sudan and nearby countries.

Promotion on International Collaboration in Medical Education and Clinical Training

Supporting  the work of the international organizations and societies I’m a member of in Sudan, particularly supporting the consolidation of the  MRCP- PACES examination in Sudan.

References will be provided on request