1- Member of the sub-committee for Quality of Medical Care- Al-Salam Hospital Sadah, Yemen

February 1987 – December 1988.

2 – Member & Secretary of the Departmental Library Committee, ACH (1994 -1995).

3 – Received raining in an trained staff on effective use of Information Technology.

I routinely work with Data bases, Spread Sheets eg Excel,

Bibliography search engines, reference manager, graphics e.g. PhotoShop, Power Point, Prism Pad &

Harvard Graphics as well as  Word processors. I work effectively with the in SPSS statistical program.

Experienced with the use of Local Networks and Internet including e- mails. Received training in

Basic HTML skills. Created many  promotional movies  for a charity work.

4 – Member of the Hospital’s Blood Transfusion Committee, AFH Wadi Al Dawasir from March 1996.

5 – Member of the Infection Control Committee, AFH Wadi Al Dawasir (May 1996-Sept. 1998).

6-  Member of the Outcome Management Group for Radiology and Medical Imaging Services,

Wadi Al Dawasir.

7-  I participated in and successfully supporting the Armed Forces Hospital -Wadi Al-Dawasir in Saudi Arabia to obtain accreditation from the International standards Organization (ISO-9000).

8-  Sub-Investigator, at the Research Trials Centre at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals, London, UK. Working with a research team.

9-  I have done a lot of Total Quality Management (TQM) activities. Trained in Team Work and Time Management. These added remarkably to my communication and administrative skills.

10- Audit of Management of Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis in Middlesbrough.

11- Experience in telemedicine techniques- theory and hands on work with Dr Victor Patterson at Queen Victoria hospital in Belfast – April 2005. I conducted several workshops on the use of telemedicine in Sudan.

12- I received formal training in management at Durham University (2005). That included service planning, design, implementation, assessment and control of finances, staff and development.

13- I was in charge of the Multiple Sclerosis services in Sunderland area with a population of 200 000 including about 300 patients with MS. I designed and implemented a UK National level service ranging from early diagnosis to the state of the art immunotherapies. I created a comprehensive data base for MS in Sunderland. Its model is now adopted by the Parkinson ’s disease services and is considered to be used for Epilepsy services as well. I participated in training the staff and patients within the MS services and worked hand in hand with the local branch of the MS-UK society.