Diploma:         3 students, institute of Afro-Asian studies, U.K., 1981

            M.A.:               2 students, institute of Afro-Asian studies, U.K., 1982

                                    24 students, Geography Department, U.K., 1980

                                    3 students, Geography Department, U .of Sana’a, 1984-1999

            PhD:                2 students, Geography Department, U. of Sana’a., 1997-2000

                                    26 students, Geography Department, U.K., 1980.

                                    1 student, from Al-Zaim Al-Azhari University

                                    2 students, from Gedarif University

                                    1 student, from El-Nilian University

                                    1 student, from Juba University.

                                    1 student from Bahr el_ Ghazal University


            The focal research areas of the supervised graduate students include the environmental and economic impacts of deforestation : the socioeconomic impacts of environmental degradation: production and marketing problems of small producers: the environmental, economic and social impacts on nomads; the role of women in national economy, and in household livelihood: the role of productive families in sustainability of livelihood; water problems, harvesting techniques and coping mechanisms; management of natural resources: industrial location and industrial pollution; application of remote sensing and GIS to monitor land use changes; applied geomorphology and assessment of natural resources in arid environments; basic needs assessment for population of Gazza in Palestine; the experience of local communities in compacting environmental degradation; the impact of the application of environmental laws in Sudan ; climate change and its impacts on pastoralists and traditional farmers .