1. Training project: Learning initiative – “Making Rangelands Secure”,Kenya   and Tanzania, IFAD,IUCN,ILC and RECONCILE 6-9

February 2012.

  1. Workshop on the Study Report of the Evaluation of the Performance of the Institutes and Centers in the Universit

(2003-2010), University of Khartoum, February 2012.

3. Workshop on Community Management of Natural Resources: Learnt Lessons and Future  Prospects of the Nile

Basin Communities, Nile Basin Friends Forum, Khartoum, October 2011.

                    4. Workshop on the Draft National Plan for Adaptation with Climate Change, Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Physical

                    Planning and UNDP, Khartoum, November 2011.

  1. Workshop on Causes of Conflicts between Nomadic and Farming Communities, Ministry of Animal Wealth,    Khartoum, 2008.
  2. Workshop on: Post-Referendum Media Issues, SUDIA,

Khartoum,   August 2010.

  1. Workshop on : Complementary and Sustainable Management of Chemical Materials, HCENR and UNIDO, Khartoum, May 2010.
  2. Forum on : Human Development Index, DSRI, U. of K.,Khartoum, January 2010.
  3. Workshop on : Complementary and Sustainable Management of Chemical Materials, HCENR and UNIDO, Khartoum, May 2010
  4.   Forum on : Human Development Index, DSRI, U. of K.,

              Khartoum, January 2010

9.The First National Conference on : Fostering Positive Political Participation among university students and Youth in Sudan,

SCER, European Commission and the UNFW, Khartoum, December 2009.

10. Workshop on : Useful Lessons from the Dinder National Park on the Biosphere, Arab Network and Directors of Biosphere

Parks, Khartoum, December 2009.

  1. The National Forum on : Sustainable Rainfed Agriculture in Sudan, UNESCO Chair for Desertification Studies, U. of K.,

Khartoum, November 2009.

  1. Workshop on : Sudan : Attractiveness of Unity and Challenges of Separation, NCF, Khartoum, August 2009.
  2. Conference on : Rural and Urban Ecosystem management, SECS, U. of K., Juba University and Sudanese Wildlife Society,

Khartoum, October 2009.

  1. Second Conference on the Development of the Nile Basin, Nile Basin Development Forum, Khartoum, November 2008.
  2. Conference and Workshop on Rethinking Academic Freedom in African Universities, NEAR,SAR and British Council, Addis

Ababa, October 2008.

  1. The Second Conference on Academic Freedom in Arab Universities, Amman Centre for Human Rights Studies,


  1. The Constituent Conference of the Arab Association for Academic Freedom, Amman, April 2008.
  2. Workshop on How to Enhance the Effectiveness of Civil Society Organizations, National Civic Forum, Khartoum, March
  3. The Final Workshop on the National Plan for Environmental Management in Sudan, HCENR and Ministry of Environment And

Wildlife Conservation, Khartoum, February 2008.

  1. Workshop on the Reality of Economic and Social Reformation on Sudan, National Civic Forum, Khartoum, February 2008.
  2. Workshop on Credit Decentralization in Sudan, International Network of Federalism, Khartoum, November 2007.
  3. Conference of the Development of Oil in Sudan after the CPA, Future Studies Centre and Danish Institute for International

Studies, Khartoum, January 2007.

  1. Workshop on the Assessment of Progress in the Implementation of the CPA, National Civic Forum, Khartoum, December
  2. Forum on Sudan Foreign Debt, Friedrich Ebert, Khartoum, October 2009.
  3. National Workshop on Post-Conflict National Plan for Environmental Management in Sudan, HCENR and UNDP, Khartoum, July 2006.
  4. Consultation Workshop on Building National and Local Capacities for Conflict Management in Sudan, Join National Transition Team and UNDP, Khartoum, April 2006.
  5. National Workshop on Land Rights, Modern Government and Traditional Structures: Challenges to Livelihood and Conflict Resolution in Post-Conflict Sudan, SECS and UNDP, Khartoum, December 2005.
  6. Workshop on the National Capacity Self-Assessment, NCRNR, Khartoum, December 2005.
  7. The Regional Meeting on the International Call for the Alleviation of Poverty in the Arab World, Cairo, May 2005.
  8. The National Workshop Agenda : Towards Pro-Poor Macroeconomic Policies for the Sudan, UNDP, Khartoum, February 2005.
  9. Conference on Environmental Degradation and Conflict in Darfur, University for Peace and U. of K., Khartoum, December 2004.
  10. Workshop on Ethnic Pluralism and Democracy in Sudan, Sudanese Studies Centre, Khartoum, November 2004.
  11. The IUCN Third Congress on Biodiversity Bagkok, Thailand , 16-25 November 2004.
  12. Marginalized Areas of Sudan: The Reality and Future Challenges, National Civic Forum, Khartoum, and July 2004.
  13. The Sudan: The Wars for Resources and Identity, Institute of Afro-Asian Studies, University of Khartoum, June 2004.
  14. A Civic Society Workshop on the Post War Challenges, Ministry of the Council of Ministers, Khartoum, June 2004.
  15. Arab Civil Society Organizations First Forum, Beriut, Lebanon,19-25 February 2004.
  16. The Role of the NGOs in Environmental Conservation and Poverty Alleviation, Ministry of Agriculture and HAC, Khartoum, December 2003.
  17. Workshop on the Campaign against Gender Violence, Judiciary Club, Khartoum, December 2003.
  18. National Capacity Building for the Formulation of a National Strategy for Sustainable Development. UNDP, Khartoum, December 2004.
  19. National Advocacy Campaign on HD and MDGs Programme, UNDP, Khartoum , 18-23 October 2003.
  20. Workshop on the Dinder National Park Management Plan , HCENR, Khartoum, July 2003.
  21. UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme Global Workshop, Nairobi, 26-30 May 2003.
  22. Participatory Sustainable Development Workshop, SCSNAP, Khartoum, July 2003.
  23. Energy and the Environment, from the Perspective of the Second UN Summit Conference (Johannesburg), SECS, Khartoum, June, 2003.
  24. Conference on Land Use Around the Dinder National Park, organized by UNDP, Galego, 3-6 June 2003.
  25. Conference on Land Use Plan for Gedaref State, Gedaref, 2002.
  26. Conference on Land Use Plan for Sinnar State, Sinnar, 2002.
  27. Conference on Land Use Plan for the Blue Nile State, Damazin, 2002.
  28. The Civil Society Information Forum, Khartoum, October,2003.
  29. Workshop on Academic Freedoms in the Sudan, Sudanese Studies Centre Khartoum, March 2002.
  30. The Second Conference of the Arab Environmentalists Union, Wad Medni , Sudan, 7-15 January 2002.
  31. National Civil Preparatory Conference (Rio+10) for the Johannesburg Un Summit Conference, Environmentalists Society and EDGE, Khartoum, 2-4 October 2001.
  32. Workshop on Responsible Business, Shell Co. Ltd. (Sudan), British Council and Omdurman Ahlia University, Khartoum, 15-16 November 2002.
  33. Conference on Issues of Pastoralism and Pastoralists in the Sudan , organized by FES, OSSREA, and EDGE, Khartoum, 21-22 August 2000.
  34. The Second Symposium of Arab Geographers, Cairo, Egypt, Nov. 2000.
  35. the First Symposium of Arab Geographers, Sana’a , Nov. 1998.
  36. The National Preparatory Conference for the Rio de Janero Earth Summit Conference, Friendship Hall, Khartoum,1990.
  37. SECS Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development, Sharga Hall, Khartoum, March 1990.
  38. International Workshop on Participation in Environment and Development: Evaluation of the EC-Africa Experience, Brussels, Belgium, May 1990.
  39. Workshop on Teaching and Research in Geography, OSSREA ,Debre Zeit, Ethiopia, Nov. 1988.
  40. Workshop on Environmental Legislation, SECS, Khartoum, June 1998.
  41. International Conference on the Past, Present and Future of Sudan Studies, Institute of Afro-Asian Studies, Khartoum, Jan.1988.
  42. The Third National Population Conference, Khartoum, 1987.
  43. Workshop on Teachers and Environmental Education, SECS, Khartoum, April 1985.
  44. Gedaref Conference on Monitoring Resource Degradation, Gedaref, Sudan, March 1985.
  45. Environmental Degradation and Desertification in the Sudan, I.E.S. and Clarke University, Khartoum, 1984.
  46. Population and Development Projects in Africa, Conference of the Population Commission, International Geographical Union, Khartoum, April 1982.
  47. The Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, New Orleans, U.S.A. April 1987.