Supervision in Progress

Supervision in Progress

1/Moataz Hassan (PhD). Project title: The role of the initial diagnostic biopsy in the prediction of cervical lymph node metastases.

2/Layla M.Ibrahim (PhD). Project title: The association of Human Papilloma virus with oral cancer in the Sudanese patients/.

3/ Mohamed Masaud Alkulaibi (PhD) .Project title: Orofacial Leishmaniasis in Yemen.

4/ Mariam Elhadi (PhD). Project title: Postoperative of oral cancer patients managed at KTDH

5/ Hanni hammad habib (MSc).Project title: Prevention and management of postoperative complications of neck dissection in KTDH

6/ Mohamed Abdlehaleem (MSc) Project title: Frequency of maxillary sinus tumors in Sudan; a multi centre based study

7/ Ahmed Eltayeb (MSc). Project title: Validation of the Metastasis score; an equation proposed by Elkulaibi and Suleiman for the assesmnet of the neck in oral cancer patients

8/Mohamed Elamin (MD). Project title: Epidemiology and management of odotogenic keratocyst in Sudan

9/ Foroukh Makawi (MD) Project title: Types and postoperative complications of reconstructive procedures in oral cancer patients managed at KTDH