As I am studying veterinary medicine, I have acquired necessary skills in the field of veterinary medicine. Professional experience includes:

Khartoum National Teaching Hospital:Aug 2000

     Main duties include: Clinical examination, diagnosis and treatment as general veterinary practice.

Central Veterinary Research Laboratory: June 2001

     There was a rotation around many units such as: section of Diagnosis & Clinical Pathology; Microbiology & Virology; poultry; Nutrition and Parasitology.

Department of Police Dogs, Ministry of Interior Affairs: March 2003

     Duties include: Supervision of dogs since birth until maturation and adult stages as healthy dogs including the vaccination programs, also treating the ill dogs after laboratory diagnosis.

Al- Kadaro Slaughterhouse: Feb 2004

     I did practice at the mentioned abattoir at the meat inspection unit, by examine animals before and after slaughtering (ante-mortem and postmortem examination).