* Feb. 10/ – Feb. 14/2013 I attended a Training Course on Basic Level Education NCCER Curriculum and Syllabus Design Organized by The Ministry of General Education and the British Council. It was run by Coralyn Bradshaw.
* 25/6/2012 – 31/8/2021 I joined an online course on “ Developing EFL Literacy through Project- based Learning” organized by the AEI, University of Oregon, USA.
* 1- 5/8/2010 I attended a workshop called “ICT for ELT in the Horn of Africa: Options and Approaches.” It was organized by our Department and the British Council.
* 9 – 12/ 8/ 2009 I attended a workshop entitled “The uses of Web 2.0 Tools for Professional Development: Hands – on practice for English Language Teachers.” It was organized by our Department.
* 10/11 -13/11 2008 I attended a workshop entitled ‘Shaping the Way we Teach English.’ Organized by the Department of English, AUR, U of K.